La La Land Kind Cafe


After hearing all the rave about this new coffee shop in Lower Greenville, I had to check it out for myself. So on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, I texted my friends to wake up, dress cute, and meet me at La La Land Café! This coffee shop is Snapchat and Instagram-worthy with white walls, pops of bright yellow accents, a white picket fence, and even a dog parking area. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but their foundation is built on empowering the foster youth!

La La Land Café was founded by Francois Reihani (who is only 23 years old BTW) with the mission to provide a place of employment for foster kids who have aged out of the system and are no longer receiving financial assistance. La La Land Café is part of his non-profit, We Are One Project, that offers foster kids the necessary skills they need to succeed and transition out of the foster care system, such as kitchen skills, customer relations, productivity, resume building, leadership, mentorship, etc. 10% of all proceeds at La La Land Café goes to the We Are One Project.

As soon as you walk in to this coffee shop you are warmly greeted by the staff. Their motto is To Be Kind and the staff definitely lives up to those expectations. While we were at La La Land Cafe, Dallas experienced an awful storm that created a power outage all over the city. Despite the power outage, the baristas were very kind and generous to let us stay inside the shop for as long as we felt safe. They offered free drip coffee and pastries while we waited out the storm, and one of the baristas even suggested playing games to keep us entertained. I noticed several of the staff kept working even with the lack of power. Two of the baristas stepped out in the pouring rain to take out the trash and retrieve things from the patio. Witnessing their hard work and generosity during a crazy storm and power outage proves that the staff at La La Land Kind Cafe are hard-working and caring people!

Aside from all of the above, La La Land Cafe also roasts their own coffee and offers an all-organic menu. I definitely recommend La La Land Cafe to anyone looking for a coffee fix, Instagram photoshoot, or anyone feeling like donating money to a good cause.


img_4737                     img_4917


La La Land Kind Cafe is located at 5626 Bell Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

They are open Monday-Friday from 6:30am-9pm and Weekends from 7am-9pm.

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