Kickboxing Kicked My Butt


You know those days when you’re bored out of your mind, scrolling through Facebook, and somehow end up purchasing a five-day access pass to ilovekickboxing just because they were promoting FREE pink gloves? Yeah, that happened to me.

Ever since I graduated college and started working at a desk job I’ve been meaning to start a workout routine to stay somewhat in shape. Since the machines at the gym intimidate me, I figured fitness classes would be my best bet and I’d rather have an instructor hold me accountable to actually work out and not just take selfies at the gym.

I heard about kickboxing from watching random interviews of Victoria Secret models, like Gigi Hadid, talking about how they do kickboxing to prepare for the runways. And like who doesn’t want to look like a Victoria Secret model?? So without hesitation I grabbed my phone, called my sister, and told her I was going to get us registered for 5 kickboxing classes. Per usual, my sister supports my crazy ideas so she agreed. I was so excited and feeling very proud of myself for taking the first step towards my goal of having a Victoria Secret model body…

reality still hadn’t hit me.

So today we went to our first kickboxing class. We arrived right after work for orientation and the instructors welcomed us with friendly smiles. Then after asking us a couple of questions about our fitness goals and giving us a tour of the studio, the class began with the instructor asking us to do some laps (first warning sign). After the laps he had us doing burpees, lunges, squats, push ups, etc (third, fourth, twentieth alarms ringing). I had not mentally nor physically prepared myself to do this much cardio. Not even half way through the workout I was getting ready to quit. All I could think about was:

“That’s it. I don’t care about my $15. I quit. Nope. I just wanted to punch bags, not do push-ups! What the hell was I thinking? I’d rather be out of shape and happy.”

But I couldn’t just walk out without my sister. However, by the time I finished complaining the cardio section was over and the instructor said we were switching to stretching. I love stretching so I can work with that!

After we stretched for a few minutes, the fun actually began! The instructor taught us the basic punch and kick moves: jabs, hooks, uppercuts, front kick, side kick, etc. This part was actually thrilling!

By the end of the class, I was exhausted! Overall, I guess kickboxing wasn’t that bad. I am still not sure if this is the perfect workout for me but for now I will keep going to the remaining four classes and decide from there. Besides, next week they will be bringing in a DJ so I’ll definitely be there!


5 thoughts on “Kickboxing Kicked My Butt”

  1. Haha that is cool. It can be nerve wrecking going to a class you don’t know anything about. Reminds me of the first week I did JiuJitsu. I set outside my car, close to tears… I kept asking my self “what in the world made me want to do this”

    I kept going and actually fell in love with the art. I hope you find what fitness journey is right for you!

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    1. Hahaha! I feel like if I had started to do some mild workouts on my own beforehand it wouldn’t have been as painful. Hopefully it will be a lot more smoother by the end of my 5 class trial lol


  2. I see you 👀 as an English major i definitely admire this. I like the writing style. Look forward to seeing more writing and physical growth!

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