La Duni Latin Kitchen & Coffee Studio


La Duni’s coffee studio is a hybrid coffee shop. It is located inside a Latin American restaurant. You can either choose to eat a full meal inside the restaurant and order a cup of coffee on the side, or you can simply walk in and order at the coffee studio without having to enter the restaurant. There are two La Duni restaurants in Dallas but my favorite is the one inside Northpark Mall.

Since the main attraction is the Latin American cuisine, the coffee studio is very small. There are four small tables inside the studio and a few more outside. Given that this particular restaurant is located inside a shopping mall, it is not your typical coffee shop where you will find bearded hipsters or people trying to get their work done. La Duni Coffee Studio is a place for friends to chat over a cup of coffee or to stop by for a quick pick me up while they shop around. My favorite part about this place is that they even give you a free sample of some of their pastries to enjoy with your latte!

I do not recommend this place for those who are seeking a regular cup of joe. I suggest taking La Duni’s coffee as a sugary treat. I highly recommend trying their Cappuccino Caramel! The latte art is aesthetically pleasing and the taste will satisfy any sweet tooth!

La Duni is located inside Northpark Center

8687 N. Central Expy #1516 Dallas, TX 75225

Rating: 3.9/5


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