Sip | Stir café

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Just like many places in Uptown, Sip Stir has a very modern chic vibe. It is located in the West Village area, right next to Yummilicious. Depending on the time you visit, you can easily find parking in the garage next door or along the street. The crowd tends to consist of young professionals and college students typing away on their lap tops. Naturally, this is the perfect spot to study or to catch up with friends on a sunny afternoon. According to their website, they invite people to “sip” their espresso and “stir” their coffee because they want you to take the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful day! The baristas are very nice and do their job very well. They even offer to carry your drink to the table (rather than just shout your order across the bar). Service is top notch!

As far as the beverages go, they typically lean more on the sweeter side compared to other coffee shops (yes,maybe even sweeter than Starbucks!). The S’mores Latte and Caramel Brulee Latte are some of their most popular espresso drinks. But I would take those as a dessert rather than as your regular cup of joe.

Sip Stir is open on weekdays from 7am-9pm and weekends from 8am-8pm

3800 McKinney Ave, suite 180. Dallas TX. 75204


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Sip Stir Cafe is located in 3800 McKinney Ave #180, Dallas, TX 75204

They are open weekdays: 7AM-9PM and weekends: 8AM-8PM

Rating: 4/5

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