Mudsmith Coffee


It’s been a while since I’ve last reviewed a coffee shop. I actually tried to give up coffee for a while (that didn’t last long). So after 10 days without caffeine, I couldn’t take it any longer and went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Mudsmith.

Located in the heart of lower Greenville, this coffee shop has the best atmosphere, by far!  With large wooden doors, it makes you feel like you’re entering a medieval realm. To add to the rustic vibe, there’s a large head from a moose, among other dead, stuffed animals, as décor. Near the door are wooden tables and benches. There’s plenty of seating and, hidden in the back, there’s a small reading room with books and couches. They also have outside seating if you want to sit down and people watch (based on previous experiences, there’s always something interesting going on in Lower Greenville- just refrain from giving money to sketchy strangers. Trust me).

Not only do they sell coffee, but in the evening it’s a place to find locally brewed beer, wine, juice, and sandwiches. My favorite part is that they serve all iced drinks in mason jars. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I love drinking out of mason jars! I’ve visited this coffee shop plenty of times so I’ve tried most of their caffeinated beverages and none of them have disappointed.

You can find people studying, blogging, or just catching up with friends here. Despite them selling alcohol, the place doesn’t get too rowdy, like a bar, but it’s also not as quiet as a library. It’s just the perfect combination of social and laidback.

Parking isn’t that difficult. They have a shared parking lot in the back or, if you’re lucky, you can find parking along the street. They also do valet, if you want to remove the hassle of parking all together. The baristas aren’t the friendliest but as long as they keep making good coffee it’s not a deal breaker. My only criticism is that you have to ask the barista to serve you in a coffee mug, or else they will serve you in a boring to-go cup, and they shout your order from the bar for you to pick up. I do not have great coordination skills so it’s a little challenging carrying my latte without destroying the latte art before I can take a picture of it (Because what is the point of latte art if you can’t take a picture of it? #DoItForTheInstagram).

When people ask me to recommend a cool coffee shop, I always point them to Mudsmith. It’s my favorite spot to meet up with friends. And it’s one of the few coffee shops that stays open late.

If you like strong coffee, I recommend trying their cortado or macchiato. If you like sweet drinks, I recommend the KC special. If you’re not big on coffee then you should try the chai tea latte. Mudsmith offers something for everyone!


Mudsmith is located in Lower Greenville at 2114 Greenville Dallas, TX 75206

Mon – Fri: 6:30am to 11pm, Sat: 7am to 11pm, Sun: 7am to 10pm

Rating: 4.5/5

1 thought on “Mudsmith Coffee”

  1. Oh I wish I could have a coffee with you and take you to the most fabulous independent coffee house I’ve found near me. It’s wonderful. It’s guest coffee this month was from a new coffee roasting company that’s just started up near me.


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