Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Crooked Tree (3)Crooked Tree Coffeehouse is exactly that, a coffee- HOUSE. It is located in the State-Thomas District in the Uptown neighborhood and it can be spotted by the colorfully painted picket fence and the always packed parking lot on the side. The owners restored an old house and gave it a bright and cozy feel to create Crooked Tree Coffeehouse. Once you go inside you can sense the eclectic and home-y atmosphere. It’s like getting coffee at someone’s personal home (only that you’re surrounded by other strangers). There’s a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. The only downside of this is that the house gets very packed so finding a place to sit can be quite a challenge. I’ve visited the house twice and, during both visits, the only available seats were in the front patio (which I didn’t mind whatsoever).

Their coffee is locally roasted by Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and the pastries come from local bakeries, such as Empire and Zenzero. I ordered a regular latte and it is definitely one of the best lattes in Dallas! The baristas are very outgoing and highly trained. I had the opportunity to meet them at a latte art throw-down, hosted by Magnolias Sous Le Pont a couple of weeks ago, and Elizabeth and Jack won first and second place, respectively.

I highly recommend this coffeehouse to anyone seeking to branch out from their usual coffee shop and want to know what an exquisite latte tastes like. I know I will definitely be going back to check out their other espresso drinks.

Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree (5)

Crooked Tree Coffee House is located at 2414 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 6AM-11PM, Friday 6AM-12AM, Saturday 7AM-12AM, Sunday 8AM-9PM

Rating: 4.5/5

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