/serj/| Books & Local Food

Serj 4

Just as the name suggests, /serj/ is a simple coffee shop and book store. As soon as you walk in to this shop, the owner, John, welcomes you and asks “wanna hear some jokes?”. His genuine friendly demeanor instantly brightens my day! He is very comradely and likes to get to know his customers. His wife, Anne, works with him as a barista. Blank white paper covers the tables and in the center is a cup with crayons, all the ingredients to let out your inner child. On the walls, you can find books for sale that range from art to fiction for which 10% of all the book proceeds will go to LIFT, a local organization dedicated to helping adult literacy. The menu consists of local, all-natural products, such as cookies from Cookie Magic, ice-cream from Henry’s, soup from The Dallas Soup Company, and the coffee beans from Noble Coyote (just to name a few). As for the coffee, I ordered a regular latte, which was perfect! They manually hand press their espresso and you can taste the quality. The owner, very animatedly, told us about his upcoming project called Oh Really. He will host moderated, public debates, as well as cooking classes and puppet shows, among other things. He showed us a mural of the School of the Athens, which is currently a work in progress. During this visit, we were also privileged with the opportunity to sit on a $7000 chair, designed by Phillipe Starck, that his artist had won. Like most places in downtown, the coffee shop is only open until 5pm, but it is expected to be open for late night hours once the Oh Really events start up. I’m excited to see this place grow and I will definitely be coming back to check out the debates.

 Serj 6Serj 3

My doodles and my latte


Phillipe Starck’s chair (above)

Serj 1 Owner, John, giving us a sneak peak to the backroom (above)

/serj/ Books & Local Food is located at 400 North St. Paul St. Dallas, TX 75201 and is open on weekdays from 7AM-5PM

Rating: 3.2/5

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