Opening Bell Coffee

Opening BellUpon hearing rave reviews about Opening Bell Coffee Shop, I decided to trek my way to this literal hidden gem. Once you reach the South Side of Lamar, you will find a moderately sized sign above the door. If you do not know what you are looking for, it is easy to oversee. The coffee shop itself resembles an antique-looking, underground secret room, which together with live music and some really good lattes it might as well be.

There are posters and artsy decorations all over the walls, along with vintage décor inside what looks like a dungeon.  I’ve been to Opening Bell twice, once on a Tuesday evening with a friend and the other time on a Sunday afternoon with my sister. Tuesday is open mic night, with that being said, it was far more packed the first time I went- even my friend, who is not a big coffee fan, said he enjoyed the atmosphere and would definitely visit again (you’re welcome!). On Sunday, it was very chill until a guest approached the piano and began playing music- which was very welcomed in my opinion.

On another note, the service at Opening Bell is top notch! Unlike most coffee shops where baristas just shout your order for you to come pick up from the counter, the baristas here personally bring your beverage and munchies to the table. Another cool thing I liked about this place was that they serve you water in a cute little mason jar (as seen in the picture below). I love drinking from mason jars, far better than actual cups, if I may add. The art in my latte was somewhat weak, and the coffee itself isn’t the best, but the overall atmosphere at Opening Bell makes up for all of that. Although Opening Bell is on the pricey side, the trendy vibe and friendly staff make this place worth going back to and splurging a couple of bucks here and there. I definitely recommend visiting this shop during a live music event, which is pretty much every evening except on Sundays.

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Opening Bell is located at South Side on Lamar, 1409 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215

They are open Monday- Thursday 7AM-10PM, Fridays 7AM-midnight, Saturdays 8AM-midnight, Sundays 8:30AM-9PM

Rating: 4.5/5

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