Kickboxing Kicked My Butt

You know those days when you're bored out of your mind, scrolling through Facebook, and somehow end up purchasing a five-day access pass to ilovekickboxing just because they were promoting FREE pink gloves? Yeah, that happened to me. Ever since I graduated college and started working at a desk job I've been meaning to start… Continue reading Kickboxing Kicked My Butt

Eating less chikin for 40 days

Today marks the start of Lent season. The time for repentance, prayer, and fasting for 40 days, starting from Ash Wednesday up until Easter Sunday. This is a time for us Catholics to develop our relationship with God and purify our lives. We do this by praying, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and doing acts… Continue reading Eating less chikin for 40 days

Drugstore Cowboy

Located in the heart of Deep Ellum, is Drugstore Cowboy. A hybrid between a coffee shop and a bar. It attempts to create a vintage concept, but it resembles more an abandoned warehouse. The decor consists of blue planes of glass, exposed brick walls, big wooden, picnic-like tables, a small section with old couches, and… Continue reading Drugstore Cowboy

Ordering at Starbucks 101

With the long line of grouchy coffee addicts, a menu with non-english terms, and endless items to choose from, some people may find ordering at Starbucks stressful and complicated. But fear no more! I am here help you order at Starbucks like a pro! I will cover things such as a summary of popular items you can… Continue reading Ordering at Starbucks 101

La Duni Latin Kitchen & Coffee Studio

La Duni's coffee studio is a hybrid coffee shop. It is located inside a Latin American restaurant. You can either choose to eat a full meal inside the restaurant and order a cup of coffee on the side, or you can simply walk in and order at the coffee studio without having to enter the restaurant. There are two La… Continue reading La Duni Latin Kitchen & Coffee Studio